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Qualified College Tutor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Are you a junior or senior in high school getting ready to take important college entrance exams like the SAT or ACT? Are you a college student that’s falling behind in classes or needs help to prepare for grad school? No matter your situation, you may benefit from a college tutor. If you’re looking for college tutoring in Philadelphia, PA, then call Advantage Academic Consulting today.

How to Know You Need a Tutor

If you are falling behind in class because you are not understanding the concepts taught by your lecturer, now is the time to reach out to a college tutor like myself. I can also help you if you’ve received poor grades on your homework, tests, and quizzes. And, if you consistently feel stressed or anxious about tests or while in class, you should take advantage of my tutoring options.


At Advantage Academic Consulting, I work with students in high school, undergrads, and grad students. If you are experiencing any of the above scenarios or something else that’s putting you below where you want to be, I can help. Don’t settle for less. Give me a call.

What a Tutor Does for You

The downside to some universities is that there are often large lecture classes where hundreds of students are taught by one professor. There is not always time for one-on-one instruction. When you work with me, you get personal instruction time and no distractions. We’ll work hard together to improve your study skills, which in turn improves your grades.


We’ll also work together to figure out whatever academic problems you have, and come up with strategies to recover your slipping grades. We set goals together so we can focus our energies on meeting those goals and helping you become a better, more successful student.


When you are ready to succeed, be sure to give me a call. Advantage Academic Consulting is always on your side.